Forum of Experimental Affairs of Diverse Nature

In may 2014,  two collectives, Convoi Exceptionnel and Rotakt Records, went on an expedition through Belgium on the Tenace, a 38m long ship. The goal of this expedition: investigate the experimental undercurrent of this complex area.

After a lot of adventures and discoveries we are convinced that Belgium is a very suitable region to develop our Forum of Experimental Affairs of Diverse Nature, and the Tenace is an excellent conveyance to connect this diversity. We have kept a splendid souvenir from this expedition: the vinyl record “Tenace on Tour”, a musical travelogue released on Rotakt Records, available at the ship or the better record store (where of course you find the better records).


All these adventures abroad gave us experience. Meanwhile, we continued to renovate the ship and now she’s ready for new projects!

Last summer we tested numerous cooperations and presented our brand new release “Tenace on Tour” through ABC-Lines: exchanges between Antwerp , Brussels and Charleroi – import/export of Experimental Affairs. And we are ready for more!

Screen shot 2016-08-03 at 14.20.30In the near future we’ll be looking for cooperations and experiments which can complete each other.

More and more small initiatives are bubbling up from the bottom and they could amplify each other. Tenace wants to offer a moving workspace where these collectives can experiment. Because there’s a need for this in these complex times. It’s becoming clear that we’ll have to do it ourselves with the recourses we have: our creativity and guts, a capital beyond control of money and pursuit of profit.

Screen shot 2016-08-03 at 15.06.20

We have no idea where this journey will bring us, but the experiences will enrich us. We’re inviting you to travel along, realtime or through this blog. And if you want to export an idea, you’re  welcome to register at Tenace, we’ll keep our eyes open for someone or something that can help you along.

If you want to stay informed through our newsletter (FR/NL) or if you have any questions you can contact

This way you’ll never miss the boat!



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